Posted by: vicsilver | July 29, 2009

Other things

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much on this blog as I was – I’ve been kept busy by some other things going on, and also I’ve been trying out some other wizards in W101 to see how they play. I don’t really feel right posting about them here since this is all about Victoria.

Also, on another note, I will be out of town all next week and probably won’t get to play or post much at all. But I’ll bounce back from that!

Posted by: vicsilver | July 27, 2009


I took a little break from trying Big Ben, to explore some more of Grizzleheim! It certainly is a large and strange place, but the bears seem friendly enough. There are all kinds of nasty enemies, but the ones I’ve seen so far aren’t too tough. I think I’ll have to do some more exploring here and see what I can find! I love being able to wander in the woods instead of always in city streets.

Posted by: vicsilver | July 24, 2009

East Counterweight

So I went in today, not sure what I would face. Unfortunately all my friends weren’t around or were busy with other things, so I tried it alone. It’s basically a big version of the golem tower, a bunch of fights, one after another. If I had known that, maybe I would have brought more than one potion. Anyway, it was fun, and I have to say I had some of the luckiest fights ever! Three times I finished a fight with barely any health (less than 25) and it was a miracle I got to Smokey Joe, much less beat him in what was by far my luckiest fight ever. Unfortunately I was defeated in the counterweight itself, when I had to face three nasty golems at once.

Well, I know what to expect now, and I’ll be going back better armed next time!

Posted by: vicsilver | July 24, 2009

Just a quick note

I know I haven’t been writing anything about my adventures for a couple of days. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather, for one thing, and have been doing some homework that’s been piling up on me. Don’t worry, I’ll be out there and going after Big Ben soon!

Posted by: vicsilver | July 22, 2009

Defeating Dr. Katzenstein

With the help of a couple of friends, I was able to fight through hordes of golems and various minions to the heart of Dr. Katzenstein’s lair. He was quite a tough fight, luckily my friend Olivia Mythsong is a myth wizard, so she was able to blast the storm doctor pretty nicely. I even ended up with a nice storm robe from the Doc, so I can’t complain. And to top it off we defeated Smogger as well and I received my first pet ever from an enemy – a Pixie Queen.

It’s definitely an interesting area, I’d like to go back there and explore a little more when I have more time. There are so many golems running around it’s easy to get caught in a lot of small fights, but we made it. Next stop – Big Ben.

Posted by: vicsilver | July 21, 2009

Marleybone travels

I adventured today on more rooftops, this time in Knight’s Court, trying to track down the dangerous Jacques the Scratcher. For some reason I had an easier time here than some of the other parts – mostly because I didn’t have to fight any Storm creatures. I did find a couple of nice items though, one was a new staff that not only looks neat, but it gives me an extra pip at the beginning of my fights. Very handy!

Next I have to explore Katzenstein’s Lab – I don’t know anything about it, but it doesn’t sound too friendly. I think I’m also going to spend some time exploring Grizzleheim again in the next couple of days – it will be a nice break from the rooftops.

Here I am with Sherlock Bones’ assistant Watson on the rooftops, showing off my new staff.


Posted by: vicsilver | July 19, 2009

Adventure on the Rooftops

So with the help of some friends I was able to fight through the Ironworks in Marleybone, and defeat a bunch of gang members, and also chased the deadly Meowiarty over the rooftops. I even thought I saw Malistaire! Newgate Prison was full of all kinds of nasty undead, and luckily I met up with Charles Raven, a very nice wizard who has helped me out before with comments on my letters to you. After we defeated a nasty undead leader of some kind, and unfortunately Meowiarty escaped, we travelled to Mooshu a little bit, then visited each other’s homes for a while. It was definitely good to make a new friend. Here we are in Mooshu – I haven’t travelled there officially yet, just visited a time or two, but it is quite beautiful. I love my new Marleybone outfit, as well.


Posted by: vicsilver | July 19, 2009

Slow going

Well, I haven’t been adventuring as much in the past few days as I was before – partly I’ve been trying to decorate my house a bit, and I’m doing some crafting. I have to say that Marleybone is tough so far – all the wandering around the roofs is tricky, and some of the bad guys up there are really hard for me to defeat by myself. I hope I’ll get the hang of it soon enough though, and bring you some more pictures of my adventures soon!

Posted by: vicsilver | July 17, 2009

Town clothes

I love Marleybone, though I spend too much time wandering around chasing criminals on the roofs! Sometimes I want to be able to stroll the avenues with the fancy folk of Regent’s Square, so I have some new clothes for town. I don’t think I’ll be wearing them on the roofs!


Posted by: vicsilver | July 17, 2009

A place of my own

So the big news today is that I got a house! It’s not that much, just a small Wizard City cottage, but it’s perfect for me – it has a couple of waterfalls, trees, and a cozy cottage to spend my non-adventuring time in. I spent some time putting in some things I’ve picked up in my adventures, but nothing’s final yet – right now it is a bit of a hodgepodge. Still, it’s a lot bigger and nicer than my dorm room and a good place to relax.

I planted a couple of trees in the front:


and here I am in my little tower – I think this wallpaper needs to go. I’m not sure if I can change it or not.


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