Posted by: vicsilver | July 24, 2009

East Counterweight

So I went in today, not sure what I would face. Unfortunately all my friends weren’t around or were busy with other things, so I tried it alone. It’s basically a big version of the golem tower, a bunch of fights, one after another. If I had known that, maybe I would have brought more than one potion. Anyway, it was fun, and I have to say I had some of the luckiest fights ever! Three times I finished a fight with barely any health (less than 25) and it was a miracle I got to Smokey Joe, much less beat him in what was by far my luckiest fight ever. Unfortunately I was defeated in the counterweight itself, when I had to face three nasty golems at once.

Well, I know what to expect now, and I’ll be going back better armed next time!



  1. Once you finish big ben , You will get the spiral key for Mooshu.

  2. The two Counterweights are about the same size (eight or nine floors each), Big Ben is fourteen or fifteen. If you get defeated grab a potion and head right back in, the levels you’ve already beaten should be empty and you can pick up where you left off.

  3. hello new guy here. First maybe second time i have been to this site. Anyway about counterweight and big ben i recommend finding at least one person to go with you.

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