Posted by: vicsilver | July 19, 2009

Adventure on the Rooftops

So with the help of some friends I was able to fight through the Ironworks in Marleybone, and defeat a bunch of gang members, and also chased the deadly Meowiarty over the rooftops. I even thought I saw Malistaire! Newgate Prison was full of all kinds of nasty undead, and luckily I met up with Charles Raven, a very nice wizard who has helped me out before with comments on my letters to you. After we defeated a nasty undead leader of some kind, and unfortunately Meowiarty escaped, we travelled to Mooshu a little bit, then visited each other’s homes for a while. It was definitely good to make a new friend. Here we are in Mooshu – I haven’t travelled there officially yet, just visited a time or two, but it is quite beautiful. I love my new Marleybone outfit, as well.




  1. Hi, Charles Raven here. Just wondering, did you get the death scarab? It is hard to find, and It may be released again.

  2. I sure did, thanks! I still like my ghoul better, I have to say, that scarab makes such a strange clicking sound!

  3. Yes, that repetitive clicking sound is rather annoying! That is unless you get used to it.

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