Posted by: vicsilver | July 16, 2009

Victory, and leaving Krokotopia

I spent a lot of today fighting some very tough fights in the Tomb of Storms – quite a strange place. Luckily I had help from some friends or else I wouldn’t have been able to do it! After I helped to free some more Manders from their chains, I met Jordan Lightweaver, who was kind enough to adventure with me through the mysterious Palace with many princes to fight. Unfortunately, he had to leave before the final battle, but he was a great ally to fight with.


I took a break for a while and tried out some matches against other players – I knew there was an Arena in Unicorn Way but I hadn’t tried it before. I played a few matches, and they were a lot of fun, plus I made some friends. One of them, Grace Fairydust, came along with me to the final match against the lethal Krokopatra. We made our way there through puzzles and strange enemies, but the battle itself was a lot of fun. I summoned my water elemental minion to help and though it was a long battle, we defeated her!


Now, I’ve been handed another spiral key – apparently to Marleybone. In my next adventure I’ll leave Krokotopia and travel to this new world – hopefully it is as interesting as this one has been!

Posted by: vicsilver | July 15, 2009

Tough Fighting

There are all kinds of strange things happening in this Well of Spirits! Today I was able to settle an old feud between some families, but not without a lot of running back and forth. Why do all these quests involve so much running? After that the trouble started. There are lots of Storm creatures here, which is trouble for me as a storm wizard – even though I’ve been trying to keep my Storm Prism spell handy, and made some other changes to my deck, these things are just tough! Luckily my friend Olivia Mythsong came by to help with these nasty Ravagers for a while, and even then I barely survived! Personally I think these things are magically attracted to my new hat,  I don’t know if I should paint it black or just build around it until I’m all pink and purple with lightning bolts.


Posted by: vicsilver | July 14, 2009

Through the Sphinx

I realized I hadn’t written anything in a couple of days about my adventures – I’ve fought my way all the way through the Krokosphinx! To be honest it never seemed like it would end, there was always one more krok to defeat in battle, and even some gladiators. It seems like I’m getting more powerful as a wizard, I have the kraken now, which really helps, but these enemies are demanding a lot out of me. I don’t know what will be next – I think I have to travel to some kind of tomb.

I’m also starting to work on some crafting. I’m not very good yet, so if you listen at my dorm room door you’ll hear me pounding on tables and things breaking a lot! I hope to be able to forge some better items soon. Also I’d like to leave my dorm room, I’ve got a nice sum of gold but I don’t know if it’s enough for a new house yet. I certainly will have a lot to decorate with! I’ve got an attic full of weird statues, paintings, and all kinds of crazy stuff.

I hope to go back to Grizzleheim soon too – if only to get the sand out of my clothes.

Posted by: vicsilver | July 13, 2009

Some pictures

I took a couple of pictures to share with you – here’s me in my Grizzleheim gear from yesterday – it’s a nice change from my usual stuff. The funny thing was that my new friend Oran Shadowwalker had almost the same gear, except for a different hat! Even the same colors – we were almost twins.


This one is a picture of my scary new spell, the Kraken! He’s so huge you can barely see me down there, on the left. It’s quite a powerful spell but takes four pips, and I only usually use it against powerful opponents.


Posted by: vicsilver | July 12, 2009

Meet and Greet

Today I went to the Blogger Meet and Greet put on by Evil Theurgists and Homework in a Graveyard – wow! There were so many people there, way more than I expected, including almost all of the great W101 bloggers that I know about. It was a really fun, if chaotic event, and people had on some amazing costumes. Hoorah for everyone who put this on, it was a great idea, and certainly the biggest event I’ve seen in the game!

This picture will give you an idea of how many people were there, plus you can see at least the back of my Grizzleheim clothes – not anything great, but fun to wear!


Posted by: vicsilver | July 11, 2009

Whew, a busy day

So I spent the day running around doing all kinds of things – I sold a lot of gear I had piled up, I worked on some crafting (I’m not very good yet, but I’m trying) and I went adventuring. The Krokosphinx is interesting and I am helping the Order of the Fang, but I also reached a point where I could travel to Grizzleheim, which I loved! There are lots of very fierce bears there, and all sorts of adventures, plus it’s a lot of fun to be around forests and rivers after so much time fighting in streets or buildings. If I get a bit stronger I’ll be able to use a really strong spell called the Kraken – I’m looking forward to that!

Posted by: vicsilver | July 10, 2009

Friendly Necromancer

He really is friendly! He helped me out with how to use treasure cards effectively, something I’ve been wondering about!

Posted by: vicsilver | July 10, 2009


So far Krokotopia has been a blast! I had fun fighting with several friends in the Pyramid of the Sun over the last day or two, and got some nice stuff from the nasty Kroks. Now I’ll be heading to the Krokosphinx next! I’ve also got an interesting new spell I’m learning to use, called a minion! It’s a giant elemental that gets the attention of the enemies so they attack it instead of me! I definitely won’t complain about that because a lot of the enemies hit very hard!

Posted by: vicsilver | July 8, 2009

A companion for my journeys

So I am continuing to explore Krokotopia, I have to say I love it! It’s all so interesting, with all the history, and the Manders and the archaeologists are so nice to talk to. On a journey back to Wizard City, I picked up a new pet to travel along with me. His name is Sir Winston and he’s a great companion – he’s so polite, and when he’s in a good mood he does this little dance that is so funny! Anyway, I’m sure he’ll be fun to have with me on my next adventure!


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(This is an out of character post, I’ll be doing these occasionally as well as my normal posts.)

One thing that I’m having trouble with in Wizard 101 so far is the whole idea of making friends, and trying to form a community of people to play with. The tools provided for this in the game are very limited compared to most games I’m used to (Everquest 2, Warhammer Online, etc.) I understand some of the reasons for this, and accept them, but so far the game has seemed a fairly lonely one, there’s not much of the constant background chatter of chat channels, guild chat, tells, etc that you see in most major MMOs. Some of it may just be that I haven’t been going out of my way, but I figured I’d post this and anyone who can steer me in the right direction can comment.

Obviously you can add friends when you click on other characters – I’ve done this a few times, but mostly I just get random friend selections and never see the people again. Can you select someone as a friend remotely? I haven’t found a way to do that yet. Since as far as I know, there’s no private chat or tell system, how do you make plans with people to meet at a certain time or place? I know you can teleport to where your friends are, which is a great feature, but since I don’t really know anyone well I don’t want to start following people around just yet. I think if I could spend some time with people and fight with them for a while it would be easy to make friends, but so far people just do their own thing and it has been very rare to see someone for more than one fight.

I’d love some sort of guild feature – I don’t know if the game has that or not – I’ve seen some people shouting in the Commons about some group or other, but I haven’t really pinned down how it works. A guild option would definitely help with what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I’m not trying to whine, just trying to figure out the system here – it’s kind of getting old to just do solo fight after solo fight, or join random other people only to never see them again. I’m still loving the game though!

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