Posted by: vicsilver | July 16, 2009

Victory, and leaving Krokotopia

I spent a lot of today fighting some very tough fights in the Tomb of Storms – quite a strange place. Luckily I had help from some friends or else I wouldn’t have been able to do it! After I helped to free some more Manders from their chains, I met Jordan Lightweaver, who was kind enough to adventure with me through the mysterious Palace with many princes to fight. Unfortunately, he had to leave before the final battle, but he was a great ally to fight with.


I took a break for a while and tried out some matches against other players – I knew there was an Arena in Unicorn Way but I hadn’t tried it before. I played a few matches, and they were a lot of fun, plus I made some friends. One of them, Grace Fairydust, came along with me to the final match against the lethal Krokopatra. We made our way there through puzzles and strange enemies, but the battle itself was a lot of fun. I summoned my water elemental minion to help and though it was a long battle, we defeated her!


Now, I’ve been handed another spiral key – apparently to Marleybone. In my next adventure I’ll leave Krokotopia and travel to this new world – hopefully it is as interesting as this one has been!



  1. Hello again, wizard. Beware of the crooks in Marleybone, such as Meowiarty, Dr. Von Katzenstein, and Jacques The Scratcher! And be sure to try Kensington Park, too. It is the most difficult instance in the game, however!

  2. Watch your step, the Marleybone rooftops don’t have any safe sidewalks. The best path is usually straight down the middle, stopping on the ramps to wait for them to cross your path before continuing on your way.

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