Posted by: vicsilver | July 15, 2009

Tough Fighting

There are all kinds of strange things happening in this Well of Spirits! Today I was able to settle an old feud between some families, but not without a lot of running back and forth. Why do all these quests involve so much running? After that the trouble started. There are lots of Storm creatures here, which is trouble for me as a storm wizard – even though I’ve been trying to keep my Storm Prism spell handy, and made some other changes to my deck, these things are just tough! Luckily my friend Olivia Mythsong came by to help with these nasty Ravagers for a while, and even then I barely survived! Personally I think these things are magically attracted to my new hat,  I don’t know if I should paint it black or just build around it until I’m all pink and purple with lightning bolts.




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