Posted by: vicsilver | July 14, 2009

Through the Sphinx

I realized I hadn’t written anything in a couple of days about my adventures – I’ve fought my way all the way through the Krokosphinx! To be honest it never seemed like it would end, there was always one more krok to defeat in battle, and even some gladiators. It seems like I’m getting more powerful as a wizard, I have the kraken now, which really helps, but these enemies are demanding a lot out of me. I don’t know what will be next – I think I have to travel to some kind of tomb.

I’m also starting to work on some crafting. I’m not very good yet, so if you listen at my dorm room door you’ll hear me pounding on tables and things breaking a lot! I hope to be able to forge some better items soon. Also I’d like to leave my dorm room, I’ve got a nice sum of gold but I don’t know if it’s enough for a new house yet. I certainly will have a lot to decorate with! I’ve got an attic full of weird statues, paintings, and all kinds of crazy stuff.

I hope to go back to Grizzleheim soon too – if only to get the sand out of my clothes.



  1. I know what you mean about the house I also Have some magorly cool stuff (includeing a Moo sho piller and a scarab piller) by the way congratz on the kraken I’m only a level 19 diviner but I am getting there isn’t the minion so helpfull I’ve never lost a battle after getting him!

  2. The always reliable Tipa has a house price list here:

  3. ah, you reached the Tomb of Storms. remember to use storm prism in there. also use myth and life spells in there.

  4. Good idea sboy76 – I had to do that in Grizzleheim as well, fighting those storm monsters is tough for a storm wizard, but that prism came in handy.

    • Yeah, the storm monsters are tough… Even for a Pyromancer!

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