Posted by: vicsilver | July 8, 2009

A companion for my journeys

So I am continuing to explore Krokotopia, I have to say I love it! It’s all so interesting, with all the history, and the Manders and the archaeologists are so nice to talk to. On a journey back to Wizard City, I picked up a new pet to travel along with me. His name is Sir Winston and he’s a great companion – he’s so polite, and when he’s in a good mood he does this little dance that is so funny! Anyway, I’m sure he’ll be fun to have with me on my next adventure!




  1. Ah, I see you have a pet. Some pets can boost your stats, or even give you strong cards!

  2. Hello I was wondering if you would like to come for the first ever blog meet and greet. Where fans meet the bloggers and bloggers meet other bloggers. This would take place Sunday, July 12 at 5pm eastern time if you can make it get back to me but if you can’t we will try to change the date and time so we can all make it. Hope to see you there

  3. Sure, sounds fun. Where is it?

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